What Does the Future of a Technician Look Like

HVAC Service Technician

You’re a technician in the HVAC or plumbing world. What does your future look like and how in demand will you be? What kinds of skills will you need looking forward? What are employers looking for in technicians of the future? Consider the following.


Demand over the next 10 years for HVAC technicians is expected to grow at a rate of 34%, while demand for plumbers is expected to grow at a rate of 26%. The average for all occupations is 14%, so obviously the growth rate for both is much better than average.


In terms of technical skills, knowledge of the fundamentals is a prerequisite, and everything grows from there. There is simply no substitute for knowing plumbing fundamentals or the refrigeration cycle. Knowledge of electronics and computer technology is growing in importance. Advances in system complexity, green technology, use of CAD and BIM modeling all mandate that technicians be increasingly E-savvy. If you think that employers primary expectations for technicians revolve around their technical skills however, you might be mistaken.


In a recent discussion with the owners of contracting businesses, a major trade publication revealed that employers were most dissatisfied with new hires in terms of their personalities, attitude and communication skills. Said one owner, “It all starts with a strong work ethic, attitude and the desire and ability to learn.” He continued, “With these talents you can go a long way, and the people we hire are advertisements for our company.”

Evolving technical skills, a job you can continue to grow in knowledge of, a good attitude and strong work ethic which you bring to the position and above average demand over the next 10 years. Sounds like a recipe for a great career.