Flat Rate Pricing – The Key to Professional Service

If you’ve been servicing the public in the recent past, you may have been offering your customers an hourly service rate with a “Service Call” charge which pays for you to travel to the customer’s home and do a nominal assessment of the problem they have called you out for. With flat rate pricing, you will no longer charge the initial Service Call.  You’ll use a Diagnostic Charge.


Mike Hajduk, President, Callahan Roach Business Solutions presents how to do this in 3 easy steps.




First of all, customers DO NOT like the notion of Service Call charges, Trip Charge, Show up charge, Truck Charge or any other name we give to the costs incurred for you to send a service tech to a customer’s home or business. While these are REAL costs, the customer still doesn’t like them. In fact, out of guilt, or in the perception that you will lose customers, you may even waive your service call charge if the customer agrees to the work you recommend.  Well, that’s unprofitable and tips your hand to your customer that you are willing to compromise your rates.


So, let’s give them what they DO like. 


They like a Diagnostic. It makes sense to them.

A diagnostic is simply the professional assessment of not only the apparent problem, but also the Root Causes and other problems occurring in the system.  What customer can argue with that?

You owe it to your customer, and your customer expects you to be a professional diagnostician, so by doing a diagnostic is the ONLY way to service your customer.

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