Flat Rate Pricing– The Key to Professional Service

If you’ve been servicing the public in the recent past, you may have been offering your customers an hourly service rate with a “Service Call” charge which pays for you to travel to the customer’s home and do a nominal assessment of the problem they have called you out for. With flat rate pricing, you will no longer charge the initial Service Call.  You’ll use a Diagnostic Charge.


Mike Hajduk, President, Callahan Roach Business Solutions presents how to do this in three easy steps. 


Step Three: Conducting a Good System Diagnostic


The next thing is that you have to DO a good system diagnostic. We’re not suggesting that you merely add a diagnostic tax to every service order. Actually PERFORM the necessary tasks to do a professional determination of the status of your system.

  • Ask the customer how the system is performing.
  • Check all power connections.
  • Check all safety situations.
  • Check the cleanliness of the coils.
    Look for building anomalies.
    Take a step back and look for design problems
  • Look for duct leaks.


All these items are what good heating and air conditioning companies do on EVERY service call.  They take time. Time is money. And unless you actually perform them, you are not really doing what your customer expects from your company. Tell them the things that you WILL be doing.

The change in your business method of operation may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Most new things you do are. But not only is it what your customers WANT, but it’s also PROFITABLE