Those Are Dollar Bills Falling in the Pool


Last week we ran into an old neighbor who had moved from our previous subdivision just before we did.  They left the subdivision because their family was growing and they wanted to upsize their surroundings.  After we learned of their house sale, I asked our neighbor about his new home.  He described in glowing terms the larger space, the additional amenities and the wonderful backyard pool set amidst a grove of beautiful mature shade trees.  He did not have a pool in his old home and I could tell he was envisioning lazy summer afternoons playing in the pool with his boys.

As we were talking, I asked him how he was enjoying his pool because if there was ever a summer built for a pool, it has been the last two!  At the very question his face changed expressions and his voice became much more animated.  “That darn pool, (he didn’t say darn) I could just take a backhoe and fill it in” he exclaimed.  “Why is that” I asked, knowing what he would say.  He went on to express his frustration at emptying the skimmers and scooping leaves off both the surface and bottom of the pool.  “Now that fall is coming” he sighed, “I don’t even want to think about going through this again.”

His dilemma is the pool contractor’s opportunity.  You can rest assured when your customers acquired their pool, the mental image they had was not one of checking skimmers and chemical levels.  As contractors, what are you doing to tap this market potential?  Let’s hear from some of you out there and perhaps through the process you will scoop out some revenue enhancing ideas to smooth out the waters of your pool business season.