Presenting the Price in a Flat Rate World: Part 2

Presenting the Diagnosis to the Consumer Using Flat Rate Pricing.

 “Okay, Mrs. Smith,” you start out.  “I have done my evaluation of your system and let me point out what I did, what I found and how we’re going to get you fixed up”.  “I found that in fact your bearings were the reason you heard the noise coming from your furnace.  During my evaluation I also found that the blower itself is dirty, which needs to be cleaned when I’m changing the motor.  Your blower is a “squirrel cage type”, here’s a picture of what it looks like.  I also found that the burner in the furnace needs to be cleaned and while it’s still summer, I can give you a discount on the repair if I do it while I’m here.  Finally, your humidifier pad also needs changing and I am recommending a system check out of your humidifier.”

You should point to the line item on the work order, and using the exploded views of the equipment in the Technician’s Flat Rate Manual, point out the Customer narratives for them to read.  Don’t forget to have the Tear offs ready to use and leave behind with the work order.  For each recommended repair, you will insert a price taken from the Flat Rate Manual. Let the customer see the manual and that the prices are published, based upon a national standard.  This will alleviate price concerns.

Show the customer that the additional repairs are discounted and that they would receive the discounted price had they owned a service plan from your company.  Be prepared to offer them a completed service plan at this time and be prepared to offer them the repair prices from the service agreement column.

Ask the customer to approve the suggestions.  If they tell you that they really didn’t plan on spending that kind of money today, the first thing you let them know is the discounts they would receive if they had a service plan.  If they don’t want that, inform them that they could perhaps wait a month or so to do the burner cleaning or the humidifier service, but that you MUST replace the motor and clean the blower.  Have them initial (not check mark) the boxes for the repairs that they approve and the boxes for the repairs that they decline..  They might just tell you to do everything, especially when you tell them that your company accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Because you presented options, consequences and a way to pay, chances are the customer will tell you to do all of the recommended tasks. But even if they don’t, you now have a paper trail of the things that will eventually have to be done anyway.  Guess who gets to do those?  Your company, of course and if the humidifier malfunctions or the burner won’t light, you can now say that it was recommended during the service call. You look better in the homeowner’s eyes because you have made your professional evaluation and recommendations.

You are now being judged by the quality of the service you provide, NOT on your hourly rate.