Call Smart –Flat Rate Lookup Screen

Call Smart –Flat Rate Lookup ScreenThe first point to make about the flat rate lookup screen is that each component screen has a camera function that allows you to replace the cutaway illustration with a photo of the exact unit. That can help another tech from your company on a future service call to be sure they have identified the proper piece of equipment. On either side of the equipment picture is a list of component categories. (I.e. motor, electrical, valves, refrigerant circuit etc.) Let’s walk through an example for a motor. First we press on the red motor button and we are presented with a question screen. Bypassing the questions for a moment, let’s simply press the replace button and we are presented with a lookup screen which allows us to search for a specific OEM part or a generic part. Let’s say we don’t know the specific part number, so we select a 1075 RPM motor and are presented with a number of choices of different horsepower condenser fan motors that are all 1075 RPM. If we choose a 1/3 hp motor, we are presented with a picture of such a motor along with its associated price. Once we press the select repair button, the information immediately goes to our estimate page.


Call Smart serves as a point of sale system by making things easy for the customer to understand in a highly visual way that gets the point across quickly. All of this translates into the customer’s ability to more easily make a decision. Earlier in the service call as we were performing our diagnostic, we made notations about the condition of various components in the unit. Now as we look at the equipment picture with its list of component categories, the components are colored red, yellow or green. Red means dead, green means good and yellow is an area of concern. This is a highly visual and very simple way to translate our diagnostic for the consumer.


That’s all there is to it. We knew the condenser fan motor was bad and we knew that it was a 1/3 hp motor. Following the easy steps outlined above we were quickly able to communicate this information along with the price to our customer in a highly visual way. We were also able to communicate areas of concern that can be addressed via a maintenance agreement or during a future service call. In the next Call Smart blog we will discuss the estimate screen.