The Power of Call Smart

When we selected a component on our original screen, we had an opportunity to answer some questions from the customer. If for example on the motor, the motor showed excess wear on the bearings, at the end of the service call we would print out a What Our Customer Ask Report. This tells a customer that we found an area of concern, here is why this happened, how our technician found it, what we would do to repair the situation, how you can prevent it from happening again and does this repair make good economic sense. At the end of the service call, instead of the customer receiving an incompletely filled out invoice that is difficult to read, your customer can receive an invoice, a report of what you found and a diagnostic summary from a third-party. This expansive information allows you to be the consummate professional in your market area!

The Power of Call Smart

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In addition to all this, you get other powerful reporting through the web portal of Call Smart. You can see how many times your tech presented an agreement, how often it was accepted and the average revenue per ticket. You could be sitting on the beach thousand miles away from your shop and see what your techs are doing, as long as you have access to the Internet.

Callahan Roach carries this a step further by assigning you an analyst who runs monthly reports and makes a brief phone call to review the information with you. This helps you maximize opportunities to make revenue, while doing a thorough diagnostic job. It’s like having your own consultant on call, and these individuals have years of experience in the field.

The final question remains, how much is Call Smart? First of all, there are no out-of-pocket expenses so it is very cost-effective. You tell us what you want your flat rate pricing based on, we calculate the repairs and when the repair goes to the ticket, we put in a small $2 fee on top of your charge. We get paid out of that fee and only get paid for service tickets that generate revenue. No more monthly payments, especially in slow months. If you are not creating invoices, we are not getting paid. Because the fee is on top of what you charge, it is a direct pass-through to the customer. The more volume of service tickets you generate, the less the dollar amount of that $2 you will pay to Callahan Roach. Call us today and put the power of Call Smart to work for your business!