Are You Taking Advantage of Peripheral Opportunities?

The Elements Of A True Home Comfort System!It’s winter, what’s going on in your office?  Are the phones ringing?  Are your service technicians getting 40 hours a week?  If so, what are you doing about it?  Are you in the heating and air-conditioning business – or are you in the home comfort business?  Consider the following.


An increasing number of home and building owners are choosing to install ultraviolet (UV) products that improve indoor air quality.  They understand the potential harm caused by airborne particles, and they are willing to eradicate the problem in increasing numbers.  The UV market has experienced growth in recent years, largely due to technological improvements and shrinking costs.  The residential market has the highest sales volume opportunities, even though it has been around for more than 20 years.  A couple of decades ago, there were only a handful of companies making products for this market, now there are dozens.  According to a market report by LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, the value of the worldwide market is expected to grow from $166 million in 2016 to $555 million in 2021.  (USD) That is a staggering number!  Are you ready for it?


UV-C products were first utilized in the 1950s during tuberculosis outbreaks.  In the 1960s, hospitals began using UV-C along with HEPA filtration in isolation rooms.  Today, notable UV-C applications include the Pentagon, the Centers for Disease Control and Emory University Hospital – where recent victims infected with Ebola were taken to recover.  Recognition from the technical side of the industry  has driven demand as well, starting when UV was introduced into the ASHRAE Handbook in 2008.  Upcoming ASHRAE standards such as SPC 185.1 and SPC 185.2 are only enhancing that.


Emily Zimmerman, product manager for air handlers and coils at Johnson Controls said adding UV to an existing system has numerous benefits.  “Multiple studies show the lamp reduces airborne disease transmission,” she said.  Kevin Lyons, IAQ product manager for Lennox residential said if they are installed in the correct location and are sufficiently powerful, UV lamps inhibit fungal and bacterial growth and contribute to improved indoor air quality.  “The immediate benefit is better air quality,” agreed Aaron Engel, vice president of marketing and communication for Sanuvox Technologies Inc.  “By incorporating UV systems into the ductwork, we are bringing the same natural process that cleans our atmosphere into the building.”  Overall, UBC can be a good and often inexpensive option for consumers looking to improve their homes indoor air quality.


Before launching this product into your company first educate yourself about the technology so you are convinced of its viability.  Talk to suppliers to learn about the product and decide on an offering.  Train your technicians and salespeople. Develop and implement a sales and marketing plan – and don’t forget about the continuing service opportunities associated with lamp replacements.


Doesn’t that beat sitting around and waiting on the weather to make your phone ring!

Article courtesy of ACH & R news, UV-C Shines a Light on System Health, Jen Anesi, October 20, 2014
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