Golfing for a Cause

Golf Tournament for Joseph Groh Foundation

If you have ever scrolled down through the Callahan Roach website, (and who hasn’t!)  you’ll notice that they support and have a link to the Joseph Groh Foundation.  You may have found yourself wondering who this organization is and what they are all about.  If that is the case, you have come to the right blog!


The Joseph Groh Foundation is a 501©(3) Texas public charity that provides financial assistance to those with a connection to the construction trades industry and who are now living with a life altering disability.  What does “connection” mean?  It means that you have either worked in the trades yourself, or have an immediate family relative (i.e. sibling, child or parent) who has.  What does “life altering disability” refer to?  That could mean many different things, and could be the result of an injury, illness or genetic disorder.  It also means that you are now severely and permanently disabled.  How about “provides financial assistance.”  What does that mean?  That can also mean a number of things.  Unlike some organizations, The Joseph Groh Foundation is not tied to a strict list of items that it will provide.  Their objectives is to work with the individual in order to help provide what they most need.  That is one of the things that makes them unique.  The other is that they are the only 501©(3) organization that we are aware of which exclusively benefits individuals from the HVAC and construction trades.  They do not provide cash however, and benefits are paid directly to the supplier of products and services, not to the recipient.  What kinds of products and services?  Historically, the most requested items have included wheelchair accessible vans, home and bath remodels, assistive technology products and rehabilitative equipment.


How do they raise money for these items?  The primary method is through golf tournaments which they host annually in Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois and Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In fact, the Chicago tournament is coming up on August 28, and the Minneapolis tournament on September 11.  That means you can enjoy a fun day on the golf course, all in the name of supporting a great cause!  It is perfect for sponsorship opportunities, where you can bring customers.  In fact, one major distributor in the Chicago area holds an air-conditioning promotion for their customers, and top performers earn a spot in the tournament.  Therefore, if you are a golf enthusiast and would like to help further this organization’s mission, simply go to their website (address listed below) and click on the Chicago or Minneapolis golf tab.  You will find additional instructions and participation forms there.  Hope to see you in Chicago or Minneapolis!