Attention golfers in Minneapolis and Chicago

Members Of The Callahan Roach Team From The First Foundation Golf Tournament In 2010

Members Of The Callahan Roach Team From The First Foundation Golf Tournament In 2010

If you love playing golf and you love helping people, we have the perfect opportunity for you!  As you may or may not know, Callahan Roach Business Solutions is an avid supporter of the Joseph Groh Foundation, and has been for many years.  Who is the Joseph Groh Foundation, you ask?  This foundation is a 501©(3) organization that was founded in 2009.  The founder, Joseph Groh, was a 35 year veteran of the HVAC industry prior to being paralyzed from the shoulders down due to a bicycle accident in 2008.  He started the foundation to provide financial assistance to those who had worked in the construction trades, and who are now living with a life altering disability.  Four generations of Groh’s family either have, or currently are making their living in the HVAC and construction trades.  They are one of the few, and perhaps the only foundation that is dedicated exclusively to helping people who have a connection with the construction trades.  To date, they have provided $500,000 in grants to 54 people in 26 states.  Grants typically take the form of wheelchair accessible vans, home & bath remodels or rehabilitative and assistive technology equipment.  For more information about this foundation, please visit


The foundation relies primarily on the three golf tournaments they host every year for their financial support.  It is these golf tournaments that provide the funds for grants given out by the foundation.  One tournament is held every spring in Dallas, Texas.  The other two are held in late summer/early fall in Chicago and Minneapolis.  Upcoming dates for these two tournaments are:

Minneapolis: Monday, September 10 at The Links at North Fork in Ramsey, Minnesota.

Chicago: Monday, September 24 at The Highlands of Elgin in Elgin, Illinois


If you live in the Chicago or Minneapolis area, and work in one of the construction trades, (HVAC, plumbing, roofing, electrical etc.) you should really consider playing in one of these events, although you do not have to work in the industry in order to play.  Either way, you can sign up to play in these tournaments by going online to the foundation website listed above.  If you work for a company and have budget responsibility, the foundation invites you to become a tournament sponsor.  Many levels of sponsorship are available, you can see them on the foundation website by looking at the tournament brochure shown on the golf page tabs for each city.


Callahan Roach Business Solutions has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Joseph Groh Foundation since its’ inception.  Together with the foundation, they invite you to come on out for a fun day of golf in order to support a great cause!